The Texas Rangers will face the New York Yankees in the ALCS.

Yes, you read that correctly, the Texas Rangers! One of just two teams coming into the season to never win a traditional postseason series are now four tough wins away from a World Series berth.

Those wins will definitely be tough to come by, as they face off against the reigning World Series champs in the Yankees.

That is not to say the Yankees don’t have question marks because they certainly do. They still have to decide whether or not to pitch the often erratic, sometimes brilliant A.J. Burnett.

That piles on top of the lack of bullpen depth for the Yankees. It’s Mariano then everybody else since Kerry Wood has looked a little shaky recently.

Whichever team wins the series, it should be a fun one to watch. Both teams pack a big punch offensively and play in hitter’s ballparks so expect some scoring when Cliff Lee or CC Sabathia aren’t pitching.

How will it all unfold? I have a few scenarios in my five bold predictions…

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