Experience might be all the talk of sports shows as we prepare to enter the 2013 Major League Baseball postseason, but anyone watching games this year knows that the rookies can have just as much of an impact. 

Talent trumps all in October. Anyone who talks about experience needs to look around the sport right now, because everything is skewing younger. That makes the game more exciting since we are able to get a lot of new blood on a national stage. 

As much as the old stalwarts like Derek Jeter or Dustin Pedroia can drive ratings, I am much more interested in seeing what players like Yasiel Puig or Wil Myers can do on the biggest stage in the world. 

In anticipation of this year’s postseason, we found 10 rookies whose presence could play a huge role in the success of their team. Some of these names will be well known, while others might seem a little obscure, but all of them have the potential to do significant damage. 

Not all of the players listed are guaranteed to be in the postseason, but their teams are still very much alive in the playoff race. 

Note: All stats courtesy of Fangraphs and Baseball Reference unless otherwise noted. 

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