The MLB trade market generally doesn’t heat up until the beginning of July, but it’s never too early to start speculating about some potential deals that teams could explore.

We’ve broken down the following article into buyers, sellers and teams still on the fence, as it’s not clear where all 30 teams will fall at this point with so much baseball left to be played.

For buyers, we’ve proposed a trade to help plug one of their areas of need, and for sellers we’ve suggested a deal that could turn a veteran piece into young assets.

In the case of teams on the fence, a decision had to be made between buyer and seller for the sake of suggesting a potential deal, but things could obviously change there based on what approach the team winds up taking.

At any rate, one trade proposal has been laid out for all 30 MLB clubs.

In many cases, the same trade is featured for two teams, giving us a chance to dive into what makes the move a potential win for both sides. So don’t be surprised when the same deal pops up twice in the following slides.

Will all of these moves happen? Of course not, but don’t be surprised if at least a few of these proposed trades wind up being more than just speculation.

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