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Boston Red Sox: Ozzie Guillen’s Son Tweet-Attacking Jenks

BOSTON, Mass—A few days after relief pitcher Bobby Jenks finalized a two-year, $12 million contract with the Boston Red Sox, he had a few things to say about former manger, Ozzie Guillen. 

“How many times did he question my ability,” Jenks told report Scott Merkin. Jenks went on to say, “I’m looking forward to playing for a manager [Terry Francona] who knows how to run a bullpen.”

After Jenks’ remarks towards Chicago White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen, Ozzie’s son, Oney Guillen, spoke out via twitter. 

Guillen posted over 22 tweets bashing Jenks. Guillen attacked Jenks across the board discussing possible drinking problems and marriage issues. He even went on to say, “u cried in the managers office bc u have problems now u go and talk bad about the sox after they protected u for 7 years ungrateful.”

It is safe to say that you don’t want to cross the Guillens, or they’ll attack you via twitter. 


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Boston Red Sox Return Jacoby Ellsbury To Disabled List

As Jacoby Ellsbury left Friday night’s game against Texas in the fourth inning with “side pains,” speculation indicated another rib injury for Boston’s speedy outfielder.

Indications were right.

Confirmed by ESPN Boston’s Joe McDonald, Ellsbury has indeed re-injured his ribs and has been sent back to Boston for an MRI and a CT scan.

It is reported that Ellsbury injured himself in the first inning when he collided with Rangers pitcher Tommy Hunter

Ellsbury has played in only 18 games this year for the Red Sox, and it appears that his season will end with 18 games.

Ellsbury flourished last season as Boston’s lead-off batter, but this season has had a major setback that has caused many steps backwards.


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Jon Lester Throws a Gem, Boston Red Sox Cruise

The Boston Red Sox took care of business tonight in Arlington, TX by defeating the Texas Rangers 3-1.

Jon Lester received his first victory in four straight losing starts. Lester was masterful, throwing eight scoreless innings with five strikeouts, only allowing five hits.

Boston came up with timely offense in the sixth and ninth innings. JD Drew, Marco Scuatro, and Bill Hall came away the game with one RBI a piece.

As the game came to a completion, Red Sox rookie pitcher Felix Doubront came away with his first career save.

Side note: Ryan Kalish continues to succeed at the Major League level. Kalish was 2-3 tonight with two runs scored.


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Boston Red Sox: Carlos Delgado Is Ready To Win

As news broke on Aug. 7 that the Boston Red Sox had signed Carlos Delgado to a minor league deal, I thought it was a great move. This is a potentially high rewarding transaction with very low risk.

Delgado could fill some holes as All-Star first basemen, Kevin Youkilis, will miss the remainder of the season with a torn muscle in his thumb. 

Although Delgado is 38 years old, he appears to be healthy and in great shape, and he’s hungry to win.

Delgado spoke with Boston’s sports radio station, WEEI, earlier this week and discussed his hunger to win: “That’s the only [reason] you should play to win,” Delgado told WEEI. “Not everybody can win, but I’ll die trying.” 

In all of Delgado’s 17 Major League seasons, he’s only been to the postseason once. He contributed to the 2006 New York Mets run to the NLCS and batted .351 with five home runs and 11 RBIs. 

Delgado appeared in his first game as a member of the Boston Red Sox organization last night in Pawtucket with the team’s Triple-A affiliate. Delgado went 0-3 and was reported he made good contract, including a long fly ball to the warning track as he played his first professional game since May 2009. 

It will take weeks as Delgado tries to recover his Major League “stroke”. He has proven he could contribute on a winning team, and Boston would more than welcome his contribution. 


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Boston Red Sox: Who Is Ryan Kalish?

As of the 2010 MLB trading deadline: Jeremy Hermida out, Ryan Kalish in.

Ryan Kalish is one of Boston’s top prospects and he’s getting a chance to show what he’s capable of. 

After tonight’s loss against the lowly Cleveland Indians, Kalish played well again and went 3-3 and made some great throws from the outfield to prevent runners from scoring. 

So far in Kalish’s short Major League career, he is 5-10 with two RBI and one run scored. A lot more productive than Jeremy Hermida. 

For most Red Sox fans, some might not know who this young man is. Well, he’s only 22-years-old and can play any outfield position. 

On, they have Kalish ranked second in Boston’s farm system. 

According to the websites’ scouting report, he is an “excellent athlete with a solid build, good bat speed, and lots of quickness.”

Kalish could find himself a home in Boston’s outfield in the up-coming seasons and would provide a quality left-handed batter in Boston’s line-up. 

No one knows for sure how long Kalish’s stint in Boston will last, but if he keeps playing the way he is, I’m sure he’ll be here for the remainder of the season. 

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Boston Red Sox: Doing Some House Keeping

As the 2010 MLB Trading Deadline has come and passed, the Boston Red Sox didn’t do too much; they did some minor moves.

Today the Red Sox acquired, long wanted, catching prospect, Jarrod Saltalamacchia from the Texas Rangers and also shipping away relief pitcher Ramon Ramirez to the San Fransisco Giants, while designating outfielder, Jeremy Hermida, for assignment. 

Some might sit back and say, “what is Theo Epstein doing?”. Well, there wasn’t much he could do. 

Looking at Boston’s roster, the team doesn’t really need much, besides bullpen help. The team has been plagued with injuries and trading for a full-time outfielder or a full-time second basemen would do them no help, or giving up a top prospect for a rental reliever wouldn’t help either.

Today, the Red Sox just cleaned up a few things. 

They parted ways with a sub-par reliever, Ramon Ramriez, and they finally got the man they’ve been wanting for years, for a cheap price in Jarrod Saltalamacchia. 

Looking at this team’s roster, I’m not sure if they’re a playoff team. 

There is about 50 games left for Boston, and they have a lot of ground to make up. They’re playing in the same division with currently the best two teams in baseball, New York and Tampa Bay. 

I do feel that they are doing the right moves. They parted ways with non-product players, while calling up prospect, Ryan Kalish, and giving him an opportunity. 

Lets just be realistic here. The Red Sox have suffered a lot of injuries this year and are still alive in the American League East. If this team gets hot, they could have a chance of making the playoffs. 


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Boston Red Sox: Manny Delcarmen Must Be Moved

After watching the weirdest no-hit bid by John Lackey last night in Seattle, I have come to decide that Manny Delcarmen is done. His stuff isn’t good anymore and he wouldn’t do well at Double-A ball.

After Lackey’s outstanding performance last night, Delcarmen came into the ninth inning and gave away Lackey’s decision. He retired none of the four batters he faced, and he looked flat-out awful. 

I have been saying this for years, “Theo better move Delcarmen while his stock is high.” Well, you know what, Delcarmen might not have much stock at all anymore, but he is killing the Red Sox. In fact, the whole bullpen, besides Daniel Bard and Jonathon Papelbon, have been killing the Red Sox throughout this season. 

Delcarmen isn’t effective anymore at all. The past few years, I have always thought he didn’t deal well with inheriting runners, now he can’t just deal with anything. He’s a poor reliever that is a part of an absolutely poor bullpen.

Boston’s General Manager, Theo Epstein, needs to go out and grab some bullpen help to go along with Papelbon and Bard.

And maybe next offseason, let’s try and not have guys like Bill Hall and Darnell McDonald on our roster. 


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MLB Trade Rumors: Boston Red Sox Still Interested in Chris Iannetta

It has been reported, via, that talks between the Boston Red Sox and the Colorado Rockies regarding catcher Chris Iannetta have re-opened. 

Boston’s front office has been interested in Chris Iannetta for a while. He’s a relatively young catcher who is about to enter his prime. 

Iannetta has been bouncing back and forth from Triple A and Colorado this season and he’s batting a .220 with seven homers and 14 RBI. 

Iannetta is a solid defensive catcher that can bring some power. He is currently signed to a three year contract worth $8.35 million. He is an expensive player, but he has a lot of potential. 

If Boston could bring in Ianetta, that could open up a lot of doors for the team.

A possible scenario would be to re-sign Victor Martinez and have him be the new designated hitter, and let Ortiz go. This would allow Boston to be more flexible, having Martinez spot catch, or even play first base to give Youkilis a day off or moving him over to third. 

I’d like to see Boston acquire Chris Ianetta. I feel that he’s a valuable player with a lot of upside. 

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MLB Trade Rumors: Boston Reportedly Interested In Leo Nunez, Cody Ross

According to the Miami Herald’s Clark Spencer, the Boston Red Sox are interested in acquiring righty reliever Leo Nunez and outfielder Cody Ross. 

Boston’s major issue is health. They have suffered an tremendous amount of injuries this year, but they are still alive in the strong American League East. But, the one part of the team that has struggled and has been relatively healthy is the bullpen.

Despite Daniel Bard and Johnathan Papelbon, Boston’s bullpen has been pretty mediocre. If Boston wants to make a run at the AL Wild Card, they will have to bring in another reliever, and Nunez would be that guy. 

Nunez has appeared in 40 games and has a 2.79 ERA to go along with 41 strikeouts. Nunez’ contract is a one year deal worth $2 million. His contract may be cheap, but he won’t come cheap. Boston would probably have to cough up some young talent.

Cody Ross on the other hand would be a nice fit. Ross is batting .280 with seven homers this year. He’s an all-around, solid ball player. With the injury and “bad charisma” surrounding Jacoby Ellsbury, and the aging Mike Cameron, Ross would be a nice fit. 

Ross is currently on a one year deal worth $4.45 million, so he might be some-what “easy” to acquire. 

Boston’s major issues coming to this trading deadline is health, bullpen help, and deciding whether or not if they’re “buyers” or “sellers”.


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Boston Red Sox: Hello, Goodbye, Niuman Romero

Poor Niuman Romero. No one knew who he was until last night, and soon he will be forgotten.

Niuman, pronounced as Newman, was Kevin Youkilis’ replacement Tuesday night as Youk left the game with a cramp in his ankle.

Let’s just say, Romero’s debut wasn’t memorable. Today, Romero was designated for an assignment and was replaced by Ryan Shealy from Triple A Pawtucket. 

As Romero replaced Youkilis in the clean-up spot last night for the Sox, he went an astonishing 0-4 while leaving six runners on base. That’s just awful. Tampa Bay Rays’ manager, Joe Maddon, intentionally walked Ortiz three times last night just so the Rays could avoid Big Papi and pitch to Romero. Maddon even issued the walk when first-base was already occupied.

Ironically, Romero was the final out in Tuesday’s game, his final appearance in a Boston uniform. 

Niuman Romero should be forever remembered in Red Sox nation. Whenever Niuman Romero is brought up in a conversation, he should be referred to in a Seinfeld voice as “Newman.”

I really hope Newman Romero will find himself in a Major League uniform again someday. 


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