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New York Yankees: How Curtis Granderson Missing Time Would Impact the Lineup

The Yankees just can’t catch a break.

After dealing with an ailing Joba Chamberlain, Sergio Mitre and Greg Golson this spring, the oblique strain is back and is now affecting key player Curtis Granderson.

The right muscle strain caused the hitter to be scratched from the lineup on Tuesday and may deprive Granderson of participating in Opening Day on Thursday against his former team, the Detroit Tigers.

Despite improvement from Granderson, there is still a change he may not be ready for Opening Day. Although it only took Mitre days to overcome the strain, it took Chamberlain 10 days and Golson two weeks to fully recover.

Rushing players back with this type of strain will most likely end badly.

Yankees Manager Joe Girardi told the Daily News, “We told him, look Curtis, we don’t need to rush this back where you say ‘I have to play by Friday or Saturday.’ You don’t have to do that. Let’s just make sure that when you’re ready to go, you’re ready to go.”

Despite starting off 2010 as one of the more dominant Yankee players, Granderson has had his ups and downs with the team, posting a .247 batting average with the Yankees last season.

Facing some difficulties on the plate, Granderson finished April with just a .211 batting average; this slump continued throughout the summer.

Thankfully for the Yankees, Granderson performed to his full potential from September throughout the playoffs, recording a .455 batting average in the ALDS against the Minnesota Twins and a .294 in the ALCS against the Texas Rangers.

Before becoming injured, Granderson’s success continued throughout Spring Training, recording a .385 batting average in 15 games.

“I know the guys more, I know the facility more, the coaching staff more,” Granderson told reporters of the Daily News, “This year will be very similar in mentality to every other spring training except for last year. I’m excited about that. Everything is just normal again.”

With Granderson feeling more comfortable and apart of the Yankees, when he is fully recovered from this strain (hopefully by Thursday), Granderson is expected to play as well as he has been.

If unable to play by Thursday, Brett Gardner will go back to his old position and replace Granderson in center field as Andruw Jones is a candidate to play left field.

Jones recorded a .230 batting average last season with 19 home runs, 12 doubles and one triple with the Chicago White Sox.

Another favorite to replace Granderson is outfielder Chris Dickerson (.267). The player went 3-for-3 with a RBI and a double on Saturday against the Pirates at Steinbrenner Field before getting taken out of the game due to cramps and hamstring spasms.

If healthy, he will most likely replace Granderson over Jones in left field.

Granderson being unable to play on Opening Day would impact the lineup, as he has more experience than Dickerson and is a better hitter and outfielder than either of these players.

However, the Yankees offense is performing up to par, leaving them to be in good shape until the Grandy man returns.

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New York Yankees: 10 Things That Need to Happen for 2011 World Series Return

Over a year ago, the New York Yankees were World Series champions, an honor every team in baseball strives for each year. 

To become the best team in baseball, like the Yankees have been considered many times before, it takes hard work, dedication and composure on the field. All of these characteristics and more were seen by the Yankees in 2009, which resulted in their victory.  

Unfortunately, the Yankees were missing all of those qualities last season, which deprived them of another World Series title.

With pitchers allowing multiple runs and batters reluctant to hit, the Yankees didn’t have a bad season, just an unfortunate series, which led to their 2010 demise. 

There are not many differences this year from the 2009 team (minus of course Matsui, Damon and Pettitte). Although the Yankees are not considered one of the favorites to win this year, the Yankees have proved multiple times in the past that the impossible is always possible. 

Here are 10 things that need to happen for the Yankees to return to the World Series. 

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New York Yankees: Projecting the Full Starting Lineup and Rotation for 2011

After an embarrassing ALCS loss to the Rangers, their inability to sign key players and losing both Kerry Wood and the heart of the New York Yankees, Andy Pettitte, the Yankees have had an offseason filled with both disappointment and discouragement.

With questionable pitchers (A.J. Burnett) and players (Derek Jeter) not playing up to par, the Yankees are in need of an aid to their troubling situation.

Unless the Yankees can magically sign an ace pitcher with the caliber of CC Sabathia or postseason Pettitte, the Yankees will need some type of change to ensure a successful season. That success can all come down to both the starting lineup and rotation.

Here is a projection of both the starting lineup and rotation for the 2011 season.

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MLB Power Rankings: The 20 Greatest Hitters in New York Yankees History

With 27 World Series championships and 40 American League pennants, the New York Yankees are the most decorated and prestigious team in baseball.

But how did the Yankees manage to win all of these pennant races, World Series titles and the reputation of being the best club in baseball?

The answer to that question is simple. The Yankees not only have some of baseball’s greatest players on their team, but historical legends as well.

As with many other teams, the Yankees have had their share of awful seasons and embarrassing losses. It is players like Babe Ruth, Joe DiMaggio and Mickey Mantle who have helped the Yankees out of their most difficult situations and on a path to pennant and World Series wins.

These players, along with many others, are the reason the Yankees have earned the reputation of being the greatest team in baseball history.

Here is a list of the 20 greatest hitters in New York Yankees history. Their contributions have not only been helpful, but legendary. 

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New York Yankees: Why Rivera-Soriano Will Be Better Duo Than Wetteland-Rivera

The Yankees have made an adjustment to their bullpen and the change is exceptional.

Pitcher Rafael Soriano has been welcomed to the team as Mariano Rivera’s setup man. The 31-year-old accepted a three year, $35 million contract with the bombers and will contribute to a dominating bullpen, saving games and ending them quicker.

As a possible and likely successor to Mariano’s closer position, the Yankees seem to be in good shape for the 2011 season. But do these two talented closers remind you of a previous unstoppable duo?

In the beginning of Rivera’s career, before he became the best closer in baseball, he was the setup man to John Wetteland. These two worked together and brought the Yankees to a 1996 World Series win.

Their work together was remarkable, but can Soriano and Rivera become a better and more dominant closing duo?

Here are 10 reasons why Rivera and Soriano are the better duo. 

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MLB Rumors: 10 Ways Yanks Are Better Off if Andy Pettitte Signs Mid-Season

Andy Pettitte will not be ready by Opening Day, but will he be ready by mid-season?

Months of rest, vacation, and time seem to not be enough for Andy Pettitte. He continues to leave fans and the Yankees anticipating his decision to return for the 2011 season.

After Brian Cashman told reporters that Pettitte is “choosing at this stage to not start 2011,” Pettitte’s decision seems to be made up. But why hasn’t he announced his retirement yet?

Or at least stated to his team and fans his decision?

His uncertainty is something the Yankees and fans can be optimistic of. Although there has been no talk about Andy Pettitte starting mid-season, this is something that can benefit both the Yankees and Pettitte.

The door is open for a mid-season comeback, and if awaiting a final decision by Pettitte means he needs more time to decide whether he will return mid-season, then I am prepared to wait. His Clemens-like comeback is a decision that will be beneficial to everyone. 

Here are 10 ways Andy Pettitte and the Yankees are better off if he decides to sign mid-season. 

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MLB Trade Rumors: 10 Ways Yankees Can Replace Andy Pettitte’s Clutch Pitching

It is impossible to imagine a postseason game without the reliable Andy Pettitte walking up to the mound and pitching the game to victory. The starting pitcher’s future with the New York Yankees continues to remain undetermined. As he leans towards retirement, the Yankees are reliant on him now more than ever. 

When the Yankees’ hopes of advancing to the World Series and winning their 28th title came to an unfortunate end in October, the reason for their defeat fell upon the shoulders of the entire team. Pettitte was one of the few players who stepped up throughout the ALCS. With a 2.57 ERA, nine strikeouts and one walk, he held up his reputation of being one of the best postseason pitchers in Yankee history. 

If Pettitte decides to retire, the Yankees will lose more than just a dependable pitcher. They will lose a pitcher who is the record holder for the most postseason wins and clinches, a pitcher who has contributed to five World Series titles. The Yankees’ chances of winning another World Series will take a big hit in 2011.

Since Pettitte is the most proficient starter for the job, finding a replacement with both playoff pedigree and veteran experience is not going to be an effortless task for the Yankees. 

Here are 10 ways the Yankees can replace Andy Pettitte’s clutch pitching. 

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