Well, this stinks. 

I can’t ever remember a team losing three starting pitchers to injury in less than a week.

Both Brandon Morrow and Drew Hutchison were pulled after only nine pitches each. I almost expect to see John Farrell cover Ricky Romero up in bubble wrap after the eighth pitch this afternoon.

Throw in the fact that the National Post is reporting that Kyle Drabek has a Monday appointment with “Dr. Doom” (James Andrews) himself , and you got a pretty tasty bad luck sandwich going on in Toronto right now. 

Oh, and don’t forget to add Vladimir Guerrero sauce too.

The old “us against the world” cliche has never been so applicable. Especially since it seems like everything in the world is literally trying to defeat you. 

What makes it all worse is that a small part of me feels like I jinxed them. Especially with Vlad and Hutch.

Listen, every team battles with injuries. Baseball is a game of attrition. In fact, no team knows this better than the Phillies, who go up against the Blue Jays today. But this ridiculous string of bad luck is even more deflating for a squad like the 2012 Blue Jays. So much hype had been built around the potential of this year’s team. But their margin for error was admittedly small. Especially in the AL East. 

This is definitely a character-check moment for this super young group. It feels like Toronto has gone from “buyers” to “sellers” in a blink of an eye. If this team has any hope to compete throughout the season, then the offense must carry the slack. Jose Bautista can’t do everything

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