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The Top 20 Player-Manager Feuds in MLB History

The players and managers are getting ready for the 2011 MLB season, and I can guarantee you that none of them want to end up on this notorious list one day. Although with the New York Yankees always in the headlines and considering they could have a “down season,” their frustration could boil over at some point this season.

As you will find out, it would not be the first time.

What if the St. Louis Cardinals suffer a losing streak? Could it cause Tony LaRussa to get into an altercation with Albert Pujols, figuring he will be playing elsewhere next season anyway?

Hey, Ozzie Guillen is still managing the Chicago White Sox, and we all know he loves seeing his name on these types of lists. He always gives us hope.

Chance are, this will be a mild season with no physicality. It is not as if baseball is a long season or anything.

Regardless of what happens in 2011, there have been many memorable feuds between MLB players and their managers. That is, when they are not battling it out with the umpires. After all, most umps feel as if they are the main attraction.

Don’t you take out a mortgage to go and see one game per season just to watch some out of shape umpire throw out your favorite player in the second inning because he sneezed funny? Can I truly be alone?

Either way, baseball has given us plenty to work with, so without further ado, here is a look at The Top 20 Player-Manager Feuds in MLB History.

Enjoy, and make sure to keep your hands to yourselves! 

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MLB 2011: 10 Topics We Will Get Sick of Hearing During the 2011 MLB Season

The 2011 MLB season is just about a month away from Opening Night, and with it brings hopes and dreams for teams, players and fans alike.

The grass is being cut with new patterns, the popcorn machines are being serviced and the cotton candy is being placed on sticks.

Baseball is upon us all.

But the season is a long one. That being said, records will be broken, players will change teams and rumors will swirl.

Rivalries will be renewed, rookies will make immediate impacts and games will excite us as players—new and old—get us going about our national pastime. 

But I am not naive enough to believe that it is all roses. Many things will aggravate us to no end—and I am not even talking about the over-inflated ticket prices and throws over to first base.

As we embark on another season and go to ballparks around the country, here are 10 stories that will make us sick during the upcoming season.

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MLB 2011: Biggest Questions Surrounding All 30 Teams

As teams prepare to begin the exhibition season, the fans continue to prepare for what the upcoming season may bring from their favorite teams and players.

With plenty of unexpected movement this past offseason, we are guaranteed to experience some more major surprises, as the season is just over one month away from the first pitch.

After all, how many people predicted that the San Francisco Giants would defeat the Texas Rangers in the 2010 Fall Classic? If you did, can you please tell me who you like in 2011?

The Giants will try and defend their crown, while 29 other teams will look to dethrone them. Many new players will be heavily counted on to bring their new team to glory, while the teams who stood pat this past Winter will be expecting to take the next step toward reaching their destiny.

So even though most fans are expecting the Boston Red Sox and Philadelphia Phillies to meet in the 2011 World Series, nothing can ever be counted on as a foregone conclusion.

Like I already said, how many of you had the Giants and Rangers squaring off last year before the season started?

Exactly. That is why they play the games.

The games may not start for a little longer, but the questions have already begun. Here is a look at a few pesky questions that each team will face heading into the 2011 MLB season.

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