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New York Yankees: Best and Worst Case Scenarios for Each Starting Pitcher

For the first time in a long time, the only piece of the New York Yankees‘ roster that seems to be set in stone in their starting pitching.

Normally, their lineup is star-studded and it is the pitching that is in flux. However, a mix of injuries and departures has rendered the Yankees offense anemic and it will be up to their rotation to carry the load in 2013. 

Their pitching was surprisingly good last year, leading the team to the most wins in the American League with 95. However, it is very questionable whether a group of inexperienced young arms and veteran aging arms be trusted to give New York an encore.

Ahead is a best and worst case scenario for each of the Yankees six starting pitchers heading into the season. 

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New York Mets: 3 Ideal Trade Partners for R.A. Dickey

Before signing with the New York Mets, R.A. Dickey was treading water at the Major League level, finding little success in Texas, Minnesota or Seattle with his knuckleball

Now, after three seasons in New York and one National League Cy Young Award, Dickey was hoping to end his career with the team that gave him another chance and put him in a position to have the massive success that he has had. 

However, the knuckleballer and the Mets don’t seem to be in agreement on a contract extension and Dickey has threatened to leave in free agency if one is not worked out by spring training. 

Since the two sides seem unable to work out a deal, the Mets could be inclined to deal their 38-year-old ace. Who are the best fits for a trade of the reigning Cy Young award winner?

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MLB: Former Players Destined to Be Managers

In the past decade, a trend has taken over major league baseball front offices as they try to perfect their World Series formulas and put together the perfect baseball team. 

One of the most important decisions a general manager makes is not only who will play which position, but also who will reign over the team on a daily basis, make lineup changes, decide who pitches and control the clubhouse. 

Managers of baseball teams are given much of the credit when their team wins, and take most of the blame when their team loses. Some would argue that the manager is the most important man on the payroll. 

Among most of the recently hired managers, many are former players and are recent retirees. Robin Ventura, Joe Girardi (when he was hired in 2006), Mike Matheny and Dale Sveum lead a list of former players who are landing gigs as a skipper of a team rather than playing. 

What other former players will manage in the MLB one day?  

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