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Is It Time For Bud Selig To Step Down As Commisioner?

Even though Bud Selig holds the power to reverse the call made by Jim Joyce that cost Armando Galarraga his perfect game, the Commissioner has decided to uphold the call.

Even after the whole nation witnessed the botched call, along with some within the baseball community called for the change immediately after it occurred, Selig easily hid behind his official press release that said he would examine the umpiring system and look into expanding the instant replay system.

We did not even find out that Selig had made his decision regarding the call until an anonymous MLB official confirmed it to the Associated Press.

The Commissioner’s response to this latest controversy has me thinking that it is finally time for someone new to come in and take charge of the MLB.

I am not just saying this just because I am an angry Tigers fan (which I am). I am saying this because Selig does not have perfect track record.

After the 2001 World Series, Selig, along former Montreal Expos owner Jeffery Loria, were sued for racketeering and conspiring to deliberately defraud the Expos minority owners. This case would eventually be settled outside of court with the help of one of mans greatest weakness: money

Of course the Steroid Era has stained my perception of the Commissioner. He implemented the current steroid policy, banning the use of performance enhancing drugs in 2005. This was a little too late when the Mitchell report released in 2007 listed 89 players who used performance enhancing drugs.

Now in the wake of the latest controversy, Selig is finally looking to expand instant replay reexamine calls that are made on the base paths, which should have been an addition when instant replay was first introduced to baseball.

Had Selig and other MLB officials did this, Galarraga would have the 21st perfect game in MLB history, the third in the 2010 season, and a new record it occurring 4 days after Roy Halladay’s gem. Jim Joyce and his family would not facing the threats that they have received, and everyone in America would be happy to see a deserving player succeed.


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Remembering Ernie Harwell: Baseball Loses One of a Kind

Major league Baseball lost one of its greatest icons today, when legendary Tigers brodcaster Ernie Harwell lost his battle with cancer.

Even though we all knew it was coming it still does not remove the pain that the City of Detroit is going through right now.

Harwell’s brodcasting career began in 1943 for the Atlanta Crackers of the Southern Association.

In 1948, Brooklyn Dodgers manager traded catcher Cliff Dapperto the Carckers in exchange for Harwell, making him the only brodcaster in baseball history to be traded.

After he finished with the Dodgers, Harwell would announce for the New York Giants and Baltimore Orioles, and it would not be until 1960 when he begun his four decade tenure as the ‘Voice’ of Tigers’.

It was here where fans have become accustomed with the southern accent, low-keyed delivery, and conversational style that made it feel like you were just watching the game at the ballpark, while throwing in stories about legendary Tiger players of the past, mostly about Ty Cobb.

Harwell ended his Hall of fame brodcasting career in 2002, but never strayed too far from the ballpark, filling in every now and then and called at least one inning in 2005 All Star Game at Comerica Park, and Game One of the 2006 World Series

For those who were lucky enough to meet him, they always noted his heart of gold, modesty for his obvious fame, and his thanks to God for all that he was given during his lifetime.

While it’s sad to lose an icon like Ernie Harwell, we also must be thankful for the all the years that God had given him to us.

Mourn for him yes, but be thankful that he no longer is suffering, and is no doubt enjoying his time with Tiger legends such as Ty Cobb, George Kell, Mark Fidrych, along with many others, on the other side.

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