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Minnesota Twins: Out-There Mid-Season Trade Scenarios to Consider in 2013

As we all take our guesses on whether or not the Minnesota Twins will improve on their back-to-back last place finishes in the American League Central, the 2013 Twins already look very different from the team that took the field in 2012.

With another descent to the bottom of the AL Central, there’s reason to believe that the 2014 team will look even more different.

But how different, exactly?

Like most people with their heads screwed on straight, I don’t anticipate much of a “Cinderella” team in Minnesota this year. Rather, I think the time is now to build for 2014 and beyond.

In a division that is getting older, the Twins would be keen to part ways with some of their older cogs if they fall out of contention before the trade deadline.

That means Justin Morneau and Josh Willingham (as well as others) could be on the hot seat soon. 

Assuming the Twins do in fact fail to contend for a third straight campaign, let’s take a look at some possible moves aimed towards building a contender in the near future. Keep in mind that these scenarios are a bit unlikely, but provide a loose blueprint of what the Twins might be looking for come mid-season.

Let the discussion begin.

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Minnesota Twins’ Anthony Slama Deserves a Shot at the Bigs

It’s a travesty. It’s a downright shame. Why is minor league closer Anthony Slama still just that—a minor leaguer?

In six seasons spanning from rookie ball to Triple-A Rochester, Slama has put up a ridiculous 1.99 ERA. He’s racked up 100 saves and 446 strikeouts in 325 innings. His career WHIP sits at a cool 1.089. 

The Twins have always preferred pitch-to-contact pitchers, but even the Twins cannot deny Slama‘s 12.4 strikeouts per nine innings. 

The crazy thing? His stats hold up at every level. There is no reason to believe that this 26-year-old career minor leaguer can’t get major league hitters out.

He hasn’t even had the opportunity.

Since being drafted in 2006, Slama has tossed a grand total of seven innings at the major league level.

Is it the mentality of the front office? Players that haven’t gelled with the “Twins way” have found their tickets out of Minnesota in the past (see: Delmon Young), but there clearly isn’t anything wrong with Mr. Slama.

Maybe he’s trying to date Bill Smith’s daughter. I’m grasping at straws at this point.  

Even with current setup man Jared Burton on a tear and closer Glen Perkins set to entrench himself in the closer’s role, there should be room enough on any major league roster for a guy like Anthony Slama.

So here is my message to the Twins front office: It’s now or never. Give Slama the major league shot he deserves or trade him and give him a chance (where he will most likely succeed) elsewhere. The least we could do is receive some legit talent in return.

An arm like this wasting away in the minors does nobody any good. Not the Twins, not Anthony Slama, not the fans.

It’s time for this young closer to make his jump to the majors—for good.  

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6 Minnesota Twins Poised for a Breakout Season in 2013

The Minnesota Twins‘ crop of young players in 2013 is much more exciting than years prior simply because they won’t be filling in for injured or ineffective big leaguers. Instead, there will be a team full of healthy, young competition vying for spots on the major-league roster.

Nearly every position player will have a battle on their hands during spring training. This is good, because competition breeds success—and success is something Minnesota needs dearly.

So who’s most likely to jump out as a new everyday player?

2013’s roster could be full of surprises both on the field and on the mound. But only a few will step up and leave an indelible mark on the franchise.  

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Encouraging Signs for the Minnesota Twins Heading into 2013

Earlier this week, I took a look at the Twins biggest weaknesses heading into the 2013 season. I think most are aware of the recent pitching woes and the struggle this team has endured. There are bright spots, however, and some may even stay bright for years to come.

The Twins’ front office isn’t officially in rebuilding mode because they feel they have the players to compete in the here and now. But if they are truly serious about contending, the Twins will need to add more pieces to enhance the pitching staff and defense.

That being said, this is a young and talented team that could surprise a lot of people. Getting back to ‘Twins baseball’ seems to be the focus now with the Twins prioritizing starting pitching.

If the Twins can build a steady nucleus around their current and future youngsters, we could see a resurgence in Minnesota – and soon.  

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