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No Pittsburgh Pirates Pitchers are Untouchable

An article was written in the Post and people have blogged about how, “If I were the Pirates, I would have to be blown away to trade away a Pirate pitcher.” The Pirates have the third-worst ERA in baseball; no one is going to blow Pittsburgh away with a good trade to get one of its pitchers.

That is the problem with Pirates fans; we think our guys are worth so much more than they really are. At this point I would trade anyone for some great minor league talent. The Pirates don’t have an ace or even a shutdown closer. So if they could get something, it would be better than anything they currently have.

I would first trade defense for anyone’s above average minor league pitcher. Get something for nothing. Please open your eyes fans, and see the light.

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Pittsburgh Pirates Passed on Possible Prolific Era

I was just thinking back to a time when the Pittsburgh Pirates were for sale and a certain riverboat casino owner wanted to buy the team; all he wanted was to park his riverboat near the stadium and conduct business there.

The city did not want gambling there at the time, so the deal never took place and the team is the laughing stock of professional sports.

Now, the city has gambling and a terrible team that will have at least 20 straight losing seasons until they are a winning team. Maybe.

The politics of Pittsburgh have to feel like very brain dead human beings. I wish things were different, and he had bought the team. The Pirates would be a great team and have at least a few trophies by now. Oh well, the world is filled with “what ifs.” Want ya gonna do?   

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