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Philadelphia Phillies: Who’s the Real Ace in the Phillies Staff?

With the lackluster offensive performance out of the Phillies’ bats this season, fans are starting to question where is the strength in this World Series-hopeful team.

With RBI machine Ryan Howard out for what seems like a significant time, and an unknown return time for Chase Utley, Philadelphia needs to look toward the team’s pitchers for a boost of motivation. 

Why not the pitching staff?

They have three legitimate aces that, at any time, can perform at a championship level. They have pitched in big games but also have been extremely consistent throughout the years.

But the question is, who would you want on the mound in a must-win game?

That, ladies and gentleman, has become quite the dilemma.

It seems that Cliff “ice in his veins” Lee is not in the picture since he was placed on the disabled list. So that must make the “Doc” Halladay the favorite right?

Not just yet. Although Halladay has proven he is one of the most dominant right-hand pitchers in the league, he may not be the best starting pitcher on the Phils pitching staff.

Let me introduce the big, bad, Joe Blanton.  

Blanton threw his first shutout victory in five years. That’s right, five years. Think about what you were doing five years ago. Well the big guy is back, and has shown signs of life.

Joe Blanton is the guy for the Phillies. I hope everyone understands that this is going to be an “out of the ordinary” year for the Phillies.

Do not give up on the City of Brotherly Love just yet. Joe Blanton is the 2012 savior, and everyone will grow to love him

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Philadelphia Sports: Best Sports Quotes in Philly History

Philadelphia has had its fair share of interesting athletes throughout the years. Along with interesting characters, Philly sports figures have also been known for their infamous quotes.

Whether it was directly after a loss, or a miraculous fourth down reception or at a World Series parade, some Philly sports stars really knew how to blow a gasket or pump up a crowd.

No matter if it’s the Phillies, Eagles, Flyers, 76ers or Big 5 basketball, these quotes will definitely bring back some memories.

So without further ado and/or eloquence, here are the best/most ridiculous/most passionate quotes in Philadelphia sports history.

Warning: Some quotes have rather distasteful language

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