Rafael Furcal recently broke his finger sliding into third base. He will be out at least four to six weeks, which is a huge hit to the Dodgers. He is the leadoff hitter and a very good shortstop. I will answer some questions about the effects.

Who will hit leadoff?

When Tony Gwynn is in the lineup, he will be the leadoff hitter. Jamey Carroll will probably hit leadoff the other days, but Matt Kemp is a possibility.

Who will replace his roster spot?

Ivan DeJesus, most likely.

How sorely will he be missed?

He will be missed very much as he is the energy battery of this lineup. Without his speed and hitting ability at the top of the order, there will be fewer runs scored. The pitching will have to be extraordinarily good, which is a lot to ask.

Will the defense take a hit?

I don’t think it will, just due to the fact that Carroll is a solid option. He doesn’t have as strong of an arm, but he will make all the necessary plays.

Is Furcal unlucky, or injury-prone?

That is a good question as this injury was very unlucky, but with his history of getting injured, I think you can call him injury-prone.

Hopefully the Dodgers can keep the ship steady until their injury-prone shortstop comes back.

Thank you for reading. Let me know what you think the effects will be in the comments section, or ask any questions you may have.

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